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A diagnostic center affords a catholic extent for the discovery of ailments and affords facilities for an exhaustive medical check-up through analytic processes. Diagnostic service is necessary for providing an effective analysis of the illness suffered by the patient. It is necessary to determine the quantum of medicines to be delivered, itemize the amount of cure realized, and identify the medical concern of the patient to avoid wrong medicine resulting in antagonistic effects. It helps to build up the capabilities of the medical process. There was a time when a stethoscope was the only diagnostic device in the hands of a medical physician.

With the development of scientific technology, added advanced analytic means have come into survival. In order to realize the aim of health, additional diagnostic clinics, doctors, and hospitals have subsisted in each semi-urban and urban, and rural center. There is righteous scope for setting up new medical labs and contemporary diagnostic centers with all the newest apparatus in dissimilar parts of the country. It is in this viewpoint that the progress of health care assumes momentous consequences. New experiments and new openings for spending in health care i.e. in hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, etc. have ascended. Indicative centers have very good impending popularity in upcoming cities and towns of the North East. Full-grown diagnostic centers will afford a comprehensive range of services. The series of services are stated below:



ECG, EEG Simple X-Ray


Special X-Ray

Pathological Tests



For a Full Body Checkup in Chandigarh, the following equipment are essential –

Spiral CT scanner, Advanced MRI, Ultrasound X-Ray with an image intensifier, Advanced Cardiac. EEG, EMG, Endoscopes, Pathology lab items including auto-analyzer and other sundry equipment. Pratham lab and diagnostic logical center are well prepared with the most recent 

instruments, which help in following the requisites measures for the diagnostic solutions. Quite a number of tests are carried out involving the pathological tests viz.: – Haematological test, sputum test, semen test, Urological test, stool test, etc. At the Pratham lab, we consider that consumers should recognize, long before they get their bill, what a hospital will charge for the services provided. As part of our effort to increase the price clearly, we set up a surgical pack program with certain pricing.

 We will make sure that the analytical cost of surgery matches the price mentioned at the time of financial counseling and on the site, and the same is paid by our client at the time of discharge. Our program, backed by the trust built over the preceding decades, is committed to providing a certain price clearness for any kind of surgery to facilitate patients and their families in making the most informed choice for their healthcare needs. Using the most pioneering technology and surgical procedures, specialists, nurses, and the workers at the Pratham lab work together intimately to ensure that surgeries are handled with tremendous professionalism, always keeping in mind the well-being and comfy revival of a patient.