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Pratham lab is a fully automatic and mechanized pathology lab with the newest and most modern apparatus available today, dedicated to all-inclusive, high quality, rapid-response lab testing at reasonable prices. This type of Diagnostic Laboratory is now the most valued diagnostic service supplier for the strict obedience to worldwide standards and benchmarks. Laboratory in Chandigarh offers the widest test menu.


Commit to Service fineness – keenly to serve all those with whom we deal with unsurpassed fineness.

Treat each other with Respect & sincerity – To produce a workplace where trust, squad spirit, and equity are an essential part of all we do.

Demonstrate liability & answerability – To set an instance, to take possession of each situation to the best of our capability, and to look for help when required.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous enhancement – To never be smug, to distinguish the opportunities for ourselves and processes; and to learn throughout these.

Maintain discretion – To keep all info pertaining to patients, as well as proficient and commercial issues, in strict self-assurance.


Committed to be the acknowledged leader in providing world class diagnostic services, maintaining the highest moral standards and quality. We aim to get to each nook and corner of India with their world-class diagnostic services. And keeping sight of its work, the Diagnostic Lab is rolling out many development plans to accomplish this goal.


To become the first option, it’s the Diagnostics supplier for all customers. Our work in delivering this is as follows: To provide precise diagnostic, prophetic and prognostic testing services in a sensible manner at a reasonable price To ensure that every worker is treated with self-esteem and deference, and in a fair, consistent and even handed manner To create a motivating, enabling and supportive work ambiance To aid and support employees in realizing their full potential For over a hundred years, human pathology has been one of the “keystones” of medicine and correctly so at the said Lab, we present our patients world-class Pathology services because their well-being is of the utmost consequence to us.

Pathology is quite simply the technical study of the overall retort of your body to any far-off influence, i.e., illness. Actually, we employ this information to diagnose & then treat your ailment. What we basically do is carefully contrast the normal structure and function of a human body to the irregular structure and function we observe in an unwell human. Doing this is the most vital phase & we take note of even the minutest details whilst adjudging the amount of your ailment as one slip can lead to a wrong diagnosis, posing serious risk to your health. The experts of Laboratory in Chandigarh ensure that they are extremely cautious whilst analyzing the samples. This is where our advanced technology chips in. We do not take any chances whatsoever with your health. We are arrogant to host state-of-the-art apparatus based on the newest technology for a speedy and precise outcome.