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How Preventive Health Check-ups Save Your Money and Life?

Will getting a usual medical checkup, single out the early symptoms of disease and will get you on the treatment that would save your living? Answer would be yes. A healthy body is the epicenter for healthy living, nothing in this world is more valuable than our health. Life has got frantic and full of […]

Health Check-up Packages in Chandigarh

Today’s frantic lifestyle and eating habits are negatively affecting the health of people, particularly in metro cities. Troubles related to blood pressure, diabetes, and different types of cancer are a big fear nowadays. Most of this can be detected at an early stage and if diagnosed late, it might lead to stern complications. So to […]

Blood Culture Test Cost

A blood culture test detects the occurrence of pathogens in your blood. As we recognize, there are huge amounts of microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can influence our system. To know about the kind of bacteria, fungi, or any other microorganisms, blood samples are cultured. This model grows the family of bacteria that […]

Full Body Check up For Healthy Life

A diagnostic center affords a catholic extent for the discovery of ailments and affords facilities for an exhaustive medical check-up through analytic processes. Diagnostic service is necessary for providing an effective analysis of the illness suffered by the patient. It is necessary to determine the quantum of medicines to be delivered, itemize the amount of […]

Laboratory in Chandigarh

Pratham lab is a fully automatic and mechanized pathology lab with the newest and most modern apparatus available today, dedicated to all-inclusive, high quality, rapid-response lab testing at reasonable prices. This type of Diagnostic Laboratory is now the most valued diagnostic service supplier for the strict obedience to worldwide standards and benchmarks. Laboratory in Chandigarh […]

Importance of Complete Health Check Ups in Human Life

In the present competitive world where work-life balance is almost zero, we are so busy in our droning lives that we hardly ever get any time for physical exercise. This is the cause why the average lifespan of humans is decreasing day-by-day. Essentially, it was properly said by our ancestors that ‘Health is Wealth’ and […]

Importance of Health Care and Pathology Labs in Our Lives

Health Care prices are getting higher day by day; this is the cause why most of the populace is putting away the idea of usual health checkups. People are becoming so informal about their health these days that they don’t go to the doctor until and unless they are very ill. The populace does not […]

Full Body Health Checkup in Chandigarh

Live a Healthy Life with Diagnostic Centers for Health Check-Up With the precautionary health care resolutions in the marketplace, one can ensure better health with usual health checkups. In the past decade or so, Chandigarh has emerged in terms of healthcare facilities with multi-variant offerings. One can simply find out the reasonably priced diagnostic centers […]

Health Checkup Packages in Chandigarh

Importance of the Full Body Health Check-ups : The alertness about the importance of full-body health checkups is extremely increasing day by day in numerous parts of the country and that can easily be measured as one of the main factors why a huge number of people have already exposed their eagerness to purchase Health […]

Blood Sample Collection in Chandigarh

DBS Kits- An All-New & Hygienic Blood Sampling Method In the current years, DBS sampling has emerged as an efficient system for blood sampling for both quantitative and qualitative bio-analysis. Blood samples are composed over a compilation card, and afterward dehydrated and sent to the lab for scrutiny. DBS sampling provides more precise results in […]

How to Find Best Pathology Labs for Clinical Diagnostics Test?

A regular medical checkup in best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh can help identify if you are at risk of, or have a condition, and even prevent diseases before they start developing. Early symptoms are often difficult to detect and get diagnosed. By the time you notice them, they may already have escalated very dramatically — […]

5 Reasons Why Regular Health Check is Important

Everyone knows that health is the greatest treasure of our lives. Taking care of our health is of utmost importance and responsibility. However, in our daily life, we keep on making excuses to avoid going for a medical checkup, such as ‘I am too busy and there is no Clinical lab near me’, ‘I am […]

Customer Services

Pratham Clinical laboratory vision is very simple: We believe in the Power of Knowing that you have the correct diagnosis, the right treatment, and the ability to prevent disease and also know the care you need for the same if you are searching for clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me, Diagnostic Centre near […]