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It goes without saying that the heart is likely the most crucial organ in the body and that even the tiniest changes there can result in serious health problems.

There are numerous cardiac conditions that could manifest at any time and leave you feeling sicker than ever.

This may be seen as the most salient justification for why it’s important for each of us to have a thorough understanding of the things that can damage our hearts.

Below is a list of a few items that can harm your heart, so you should steer clear of them and protect your heart’s health.

Continuously Sitting

Those who don’t move about enough and frequently sit for five hours or more each day have a doubled risk of developing heart failure compared to those who have an active lifestyle.

If your employer demands you to spend the entire day at a desk, get up every hour and go for a five-minute stroll.

This minor adjustment to your daily routine can keep your arteries flexible and your blood flowing normally, saving you from the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Drinking too much alcohol

Overindulging in alcohol can increase your risk of heart disease by causing high blood pressure, stroke, and obesity.

According to the AHA, excessive alcohol use, defined as more than two drinks per day for males and one drink per day for women, can disrupt your regular heart rhythm and result in heart failure.

Even while it’s acceptable to occasionally indulge in a cocktail or glass of wine, you may safeguard your heart by following the AHA recommendations.

Over Stress

Adrenaline is briefly released by the body in response to stress, which momentarily alters how your body functions. Your heart rate and blood pressure may run up.

Over time, excessive stress can harm the heart’s blood vessels and raise your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lack of dental floss

Your dentist is correct: flossing is crucial for more than just keeping your teeth clean.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Periodontal Research in May 2014, flossers with coronary heart disease had fewer cardiovascular issues.

What is the relationship? Studies demonstrate that bacteria linked to gum disease generate inflammation in the body, and inflammation has been linked to an elevated risk for heart disease. 

One such study was published in July 2013 in International Scholarly Research Notices.

From flossing picks to threaders that direct the floss, there are many flossing instruments available to help with difficult-to-reach places.

Using too much salt

High blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease, can be brought on by an excess of sodium.

The saltshaker is easy to avoid, but what about sodium that isn’t readily apparent?

processed meals such as lunch meats, frozen dinners, chips, and other salty snacks, as well as canned veggies and soups.

Choose the product with the lowest percent daily value for sodium by carefully reading nutrition labels and comparing available options.

Not Sleeping Enough

Your cardiovascular system doesn’t get the rest it requires if you don’t get enough sleep since your heart works hard all day.

During the first stage of sleep, your heart rate and blood pressure drop; during the second stage, they rise and fall in reaction to your dreams.

According to the NHLBI, these variations throughout the night appear to support cardiovascular health.

Chronic sleep deprivation can also result in high cortisol and adrenaline levels at rest that are comparable to those you would have under stressful conditions.

Grown-ups should sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night. Young adults and teenagers should aim for nine to ten hours.

Make Heart-Healthy Changes That Last

A change in lifestyle takes time and is a process.

A practiced activity actually needs to be repeated for 66 days in order to become a habit.

To ensure that your heart-healthy improvements remain, exercise patience and adhere to the recommendations below.

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