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Pratham Clinical laboratory believes in best patient care and maintaining long-term relationships with patients and families regarding for all their diagnostic needs. Pratham Lab set the trend of reporting on advanced blood tests like thyroid test in Chandigarh, infertility, cancer, metabolic disorders and immunology and many more. Apart from this, our services are useful in diagnosing deep-set disorders related to child growth, debility, sleep, sex, weight, mood swings, stress etc. with all our focus only on lab services, you can expect the best care from us at any point of time.We are providing Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh and Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula.additionally,available in top search results if someone search for clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me, Diagnostic Centre near me, Blood testing near me

As a customer of Pratham Clinical laboratory, your health is given utmost importance. By our specialized services, we are uniform for individuals belonging to varied sections of the society which includes general citizens, medical institutions, corporate and research organizations. Glance through our various services to know more about us. You will also Get very High Quality and Comprehensive Services from us. Pratham Clinical laboratory offers convenience with friendly individuals long with the professional staff and consultant pathologists available to give you expert advice in accordance with the results of your tests. We offer tests across all clinical and cellular pathology disciplines. Some of these include Inr test in Chandigarh, thyroid test in Chandigarh and many more are available for our clients. The laboratory is supported by consultant pathologists who provide expert advice for driving quality and improvising patient care also.

Pratham Clinical laboratory understands that doctors need accurate and reliable test results delivered as quickly as possible. However, we are fully aware of the fact that as budgets are squeezed and the demand for pathology services continues to grow, cost will become an increasingly important factor for patients across varied sections of a society. We are confident that we can provide high quality, and affordable services for the diverse tests needed today with a systematic process. Pratham Clinical laboratory covers every discipline of laboratory medicine and similarly we have grown to become the best private pathology lab that people in the tricity largely trust upon. A strict regime of internal and external quality assurance underpins the integrity of our service to ensure your results are quality checked for client’s security. There are many reputed firms connected with us to whom we are providing very satisfactory and reliable services from a very long time.

Some of our esteemed clients are: