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Code Of Ethics

The diagnostic market is growing at a rate of 20% on a yearly basis these days. In India, quality testing services are still not affordable to a large segment of the population and limited availability of services left a larger platform for new Clinical Referral Labs to emerge in the market place. Pratham Clinical Laboratory has positioned itself in the present market place with a mission to establish regional processing laboratories with a promise to ensure Quality and Customer Care.

PRATHAM CLINICAL LABORATORY Has a strict Code of Ethics. This code serves as a strict guideline for employees of lab and helps each member of the organization focus on the mission. Pratham clinical lab is Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula, and the Diagnostics Company in India having an impressive 'Reach' along with this it is providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers through a very efficient network of labs and collection points in the market. The vision to create Pratham clinical lab diagnostics was driven by the philosophy to provide high quality tests with accurate results and outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. Pratham clinical lab is known for high ethical standards synonymous with 'TRUST' and each and every constituent of 'Team Pratham clinical lab follows immaculate value system.

Duty to the Patient

As a reputed clinical laboratory, we are accountable to the patient for the quality and integrity of our services. This obligation includes maintaining competence in judgment and performance and safeguarding the patient from incompetent or illegal practices by others or staff.

All personnel of the PRATHAM CLINICAL LABORATORY group sign and abide by a memorandum that asks them to maintain strict confidentiality of patient information and test results and maintain trust factor. Lab work should ensure safeguarding of dignity and privacy of patients.lab also provide its instant availaibility on Google if someone search for clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me, Diagnostic Centre near me or Blood testing near me. Clients can extract information instantly from online so that they get fast information and services.

Duty to Colleagues and the Profession

PRATHAM CLINICAL LABORATORY Health Services upholds the dignity and respect of the medical profession and maintains fastidiously a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability. Our management contributes to the advancement of the profession by :

PRATHAM CLINICAL LABORATORY endeavours to establish cooperative and respectful working relationships with other healthcare professionals as well.

Duty to the Society

The PRATHAM CLINICAL LABORATORY group pledges to contribute to the general well being of the community.
Our organization complies with relevant laws and regulations applicable to the practice of clinical laboratory sciences.