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Pratham Clinical Laboratory – About Us

Pratham Clinical Laboratory is one of the fastest growing chain ofpathology laboratories in Chandigarh. Many patients, particularly the elderly, find it difficult to visit the lab since they are ill and feeble. Furthermore, going to a lab makes one dependent on other people because it can be unsafe for a sick person to visit alone. The Pratham Clinical Laboratory is aware of the demand for at-home diagnostic testing. We are a diagnostic centre in Chandigarh that offers all diagnostic services, including blood tests, at the convenience of your home and at no additional cost. Our laboratory offers cost-effective testing and top-notch service thanks to the quick development of science and technology. The technology we use for testing is up to date with global best practises. Our programmes’ high levels of testing proficiency and standardisation reflect their high calibre. Along with these, we also offer details on the costs of clinics, hospitals, services, treatments, and medical examinations.

Your health is important for us

We are continuously trying towards better. Our efforts are measured in terms of Quality, Efficiency, Patient Dependability, and, most importantly, the need to meet their needs. Along with providing services that are honest, affordable, and of high quality, Pratham Clinical Laboratory is dedicated to helping patients have a better diagnostic experience. As a result, we have simplified information access and made scheduling lab tests convenient. A patient can compare prices, determine how far away a lab is from them, look up lab hours, and read feedback from other
patients. Even radiological exams, home sample collection for pathological tests, and health packages can be scheduled by patients. We work hard to deliver a hassle-free and seamless experience, therefore we continuously seek customer feedback to enhance our offerings. Contact us or make an appointment if you want to receive the greatest healthcare at your convenience. Who wouldn’t want to save time, money, and effort by choosing our rapid services instead of having the tests done at a lab?