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There has been much discussion on the value of routine medical examinations. Preventive health examinations and screenings are frequently disregarded, though. 

Even you may have missed a routine health test at one point or another, whether it was due to the need for taking time off work or not feeling the need for one. Pratham Clinical Lab provides Health Checkup Packages in Chandigarh.

At your physical, our team ensures sure you have all the required tests and inspections so that any health issues can be found early.

Here are five reasons you should change your mind and go in for a checkup if you’ve been putting off getting your annual physical because you feel fine. Annual physicals are really important.


The significance of yearly Checkups

When it comes to taking care of our health, we frequently put off visiting the doctor until we have strange symptoms, need an X-ray, or feel a tickling in our throat.

But unless you get physical, you might not realize that something is significantly wrong. Here are five reasons for not skipping your yearly checkup.

Prevent health problems before they arise:

Some of the most prevalent and serious chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, may not initially exhibit any symptoms.

If you have a standard check-up, your doctor will inform you of your blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. This enables you to take preventive measures to lower your risk and fend against infections.

Healthy Lifespan:

You can peek into your body and determine how healthy you are by having frequent checkups. You can live a worry- and anxiety-free life. Your lifespan also rises with a routine that is stress-free and healthful.

Saves you money:

Long-term financial savings can be achieved by routine health checks. Additionally, routine health examinations can detect diseases early and lower the likelihood that patients would need surgery or experience problems that may require sophisticated medical treatment.

Your health conditions will improve:

If you are on the cusp, professional guidance and the appropriate care may allow you to recover from your condition.

People with prediabetes or borderline diabetes, for instance, can change their blood sugar levels by getting evaluated promptly and taking the necessary steps. Your health is something you can manage.

Stops the disease from deteriorating or progressing further:

Many chronic diseases have a progressive tendency. Inaction could cause the symptoms to intensify or to progress if you don’t take action soon enough.

Regular physicals enable your doctors to detect diseases before they pose a serious risk and take appropriate action.

Who needs to have a routine checkup?

Everyone has to have regular health screenings, whether they are young, healthy people, women, or elderly adults. Having said that, patients with chronic diseases need their health statistics to be continuously monitored.

Follow your doctor’s advice regarding how frequently to have medical tests performed.  Generally speaking, the frequency of routine check-ups and specific tests can vary based on your age, gender, family history, and general state of health.

Health issues ranging from mild to serious health troubles can be brought on by unhealthy lifestyle changes, insufficient exercise, and lack of sleep.

Obtaining a Health Checkup Packages in Chandigarh that includes tests for diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease can save you extra money in the long run.


Expectations for your physical

Knowing what to anticipate will help reduce your anxiety if going to the doctor makes you feel easily intimidated.

Here’s a quick rundown of the tests, quizzes, and debates you might anticipate:

  • Your physique will be visually and physically examined.
  • Checks for hearing and eyesight
  • A blood test
  • Tests of reflex and motor function
  • A mental health examination, especially for depression
  • A testicular/prostate exam, a breast exam, or a mammography
  • Potential vaccinations
  • Likely STI testing
  • Testing for blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol


Depending on your age, gender, and family history, the procedure and necessary tests may change from year to year.

There is, however, nothing to worry about. Numerous of these tests are entirely non-invasive, and the procedure for drawing blood is very quick.

When should you get your yearly physical? Call to make an appointment at the Pratham Clinical Lab in Chandigarh, or see the contact page for further information.

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