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Pratham Clinical Laboratory
SCO 801 ARYA HOSPITAL, NAC Rd, Sector 13,Manimajra, Chandigarh,160101, Punjab
Pratham Clinical Laboratory
Pratham Clinical Laboratory
SCO 87, Basement Swastik Vihar, MDC
Sector 5 Panchkula 134102,Haryana (India).
Pratham Clinical Laboratory
Pratham Clinical Laboratory
Shop No. 39 First Floor, VIP Rd
Zirakpur, Punjab 140603 (India).
Pratham Clinical Laboratory
Pratham Clinical Laboratory

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In this corporate world most of the organisations demand a healthy and fit employee because a healthy employee can be more productive compared to an unhealthy one without any major disease.

It is vividly observed that a healthy workforce stays more motivated and connected to the organisation. An unhealthy workforce can pull down in terms of your productivity level, due to their increasing sick leaves, as the pressure will pile up on other employees also. This will result in less energy amongst healthy employees who are working in surroundings.

On the other hand, Healthy employees create a more positive and energetic work environment which can boost the efficiency level into other employees also. Therefore, it is important that the employer performs pre-employment health check-up before hiring any employee to the organisation, so that they can hire the right person in the organisation who can run the daily activities without any physical pain.Pratham Clinal labortary offers multiple check up plans for employees and come as a Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula and may other areas.

Nowadays, pre-employment Preventive Health check-ups are required organisations and to ensure that an individual is medically fit for the job and working conditions. There are pre-set guidelines that require a complete health check. Manages health check ups packages for organizations where it creates tailor-made services and the entire execution including network creation, package development, booking management, report management & analysis along with payment management. In the present conditions, work force is stressed and run out of charge in most organizations.

Routine Pre-Employment and General Health Check-up are most of the time general in their nature. Youngsters and middle-aged people, usually don't face problems you try to find in general health check-ups. One can search for clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me, Diagnostic Centre near me, Blood testing near me.

Pre- employment medical check-up may include health and mental assessment also. It includes generally drugs tests, alcohol tests and psychological tests.

Typically they're likely to suffer from disorders like sleeplessness, lack of focus, infertility, mood-swings, debility etc

Pre-employment checkups are a means to establish baseline health data against which helps the future health status of the employee can be compared with. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions.

The cost of medical treatment is flexible. These pre-employment examinations help assess the financial risks involved for employers who provide full and unlimited medical coverage.