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Lots of lab investigations were being outsourced to other cities causing communication gap or any other delay in service until we started in the year 2005. Pratham Lab introduced unique investigations not available in your neighbourhood lab into hormones, cancer screening, metabolism and many more. We’re the first Manimajra based speciality lab. In Tricity, we set the trend of DAILY reporting on advanced blood tests such as thyroid function, metabolic disorders, infertility, cancer and immunology. Additionally, our services are useful in diagnosing disorders related to child growth, debility, sleep, sex, weight, mood swings, stress etc. As a mid-size set-up, with all our focus only on lab services, you can expect best of care from us. By virtue of our specialized services, we're Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula and Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula, As a customer you will be treated as special and important and get Pratham Lab in priority list if searching for clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me, Diagnostic Centre near me, Blood testing near me. Our extensive Quality Assurance Program ensures a service that compares global standards. Spare some time and go thru relevant pages for more information of clinic Pratham Lab. Team of Pratham Lab includes phlebotomists, quality supervisors, administrative, supervisors, technicians and couriers who are highly motivated and dedicated towards their work. To keep up their level of motivation, the laboratory is very involved with many welfare programmes which include PF, ESI, Insurance and many more. Pratham Lab is backed by a workforce of dedicated employees who are motivated to do their job well along with a human touch. It is emphasized that behind every sample and report serve in front of you, there is a person who has reposed their trust in us for their diagnosis and treatment. Along with this, Each and every patient is given personalized care by our team of doctors and all records along with the trends are maintained with us. Training is very rigorous and the workforce is repeatedly trained for maximum efficiency. Pratham lab also conducts some training programmes that are scheduled for the whole year. There is excellent communication among the staff, patients, doctors & the medical centres in Pratham lab. Regular feedback is taken from patients, doctors & medical centres and active remedial measures are taken if necessary. Great emphasis is laid on Quality & Accuracy of Testing. The laboratory also uses the latest technology with the highly experienced experts to deliver you accurate and trustworthy information.