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A regular medical checkup in best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh can help identify if you are at risk of, or have a condition, and even prevent diseases before they start developing.

Early symptoms are often difficult to detect and get diagnosed. By the time you notice them, they may already have escalated very dramatically — which may require more intensive and expensive treatment as well.

Going for regular medical checkups also allow you and your doctor to focus on a preventive measure for high-risk disease, instead of treating or curing that disease. Any abnormality that potentially leads to more severe illnesses or diseases can be detected and nipped in the bud to prevent unnecessary suffering also.

For example, if you have hypertension or high blood pressure, it can translate into health issues such as heart diseases, stroke, kidney failure, or medical conditions such as internal bleeding as well. Regular medical checkups at Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula can detect any potentially serious ailments that you may suffer from. This is important as it allows you to get treated earlier.

At the same time, you can get good health advice from Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh to prevent the medical condition or disease.

This usually leads to a higher chance of success, while lowering any risk of further complications and in more unfortunate circumstances like death. Along with this, we often skip going to the doctor because of time or financial pressure, without considering the bigger picture in mind the costs and implications of a serious disease.

Having health conditions diagnosed early during regular medical checkups at Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula not only saves you money, but pain and suffering as well.

Preventive measures such as medical checkups can help with prompt diagnosis, and ensure that the right treatment and support is put in place early with Pratham Lab.

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine helps in the precise diagnosis of disease using laboratory methods or others. Pratham Lab takes pride to house an avant-garde clinical laboratory provided with the most advanced equipment as well. Our Pathology and laboratory medicine department has been designed to include all specialties. Pratham Lab is run by highly skilled, qualified and experienced Pathologists and Microbiologists who strain every nerve to ensure quality laboratory testing with the shortest possible turnaround time and produce accurate results also.

The state-of-the-art clinical microbiology laboratory at Pratham Lab focusses not only on routine cultures and sensitivities testing but also on immunological diagnostic tests for all infectious diseases. Pratham Lab Pathology Department aims to keep itself updated with the latest equipment and techniques to provide accurate test results to everyone.

Moreover Pratham Lab Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department also plays a crucial role in controlling acquired infections. Apart from offering precise disease diagnosis, the department also provides consultative services and information for clinical staff, physician of the hospital and support staff also.

Quality Control
Quality control is indispensable for laboratories to offer accurate and reliable test result by Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula. In order to verify that our employees are competent to perform laboratory testing and produce timely and accurate results, Pratham Lab conduct a competency assessment. In this, other third-party quality control tests and running standards are used to check whether instruments and staff are performing accurately or not.

To evolve as the most preferred destinations for quality healthcare that provides a comprehensive range of services and is trusted for personalized care to deliver quality & personalized care to improve the well-being of patients and communities. Pratham Lab constantly upgrade ourselves to keep pace with what is new in the field to deliver healthcare, recruit highly qualified doctors and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety & patient satisfaction.

With the belief that healthcare requires utmost care and responsibility, Pratham Lab have brought together a team of medical specialists and become the Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula The medical professionals are highly qualified from the best medical institutes and have vast experience in their fields and deliver Best clinical laboratory in Chandigarh, Best clinical laboratory in Panchkula.

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