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DBS Kits- An All-New & Hygienic Blood Sampling Method

In the current years, DBS sampling has emerged as an efficient system for blood sampling for both quantitative and qualitative bio-analysis. Blood samples are composed over a compilation card, and afterward dehydrated and sent to the lab for scrutiny. DBS sampling provides more precise results in comparison with conventional fresh blood sampling methods. The dried blood sample collection kit encompasses all essential objects necessary for expedient collection, storage, and carrying of the DB samples. Both patients and practitioners can make use of these kits. The patients recover a number of benefits from DBS sampling kits.

Benefits of DBS sample Kits :

Not only the process is easy and moderately effortless, but also helpful for the patients as it cuts lots of formalities concerned in the conventional free home Blood Sample Collection in Chandigarh methods :

  • Best for Home sample: If you are using DBS kits for gathering the plasma sample, you will not need any Phlebotomist as you can amass the plasma samples on your own.
  • Reduced Biohazard: DBS kit is the healthiest way of blood compilation as the plasma or serum present in the blood loses contagion after the blood samples are desiccated.
  • Cost-effective Method: DB sample is not only expedient but also a reasonable and practical blood collection method in comparison to damp blood samples.
  • More Stability & Accuracy: With DBS sample kits, there are no transport or storage issues as the analytes in DBS remain stable at room temperature for a minimum of 7 days.

DBS is efficiently applied universally for Home Blood Sample Collection in Chandigarh because it is a hygienically tested and confirmed process. It is normally used in Forensics, Diagnostics, Health and Wellness, Clinical and Preclinical Pharmacokinetics, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Neonatal Metabolic Screening, and Toxicokinetics studies. 

How does it Work?

The blood sample is amassed by the heel, toe or finger pierce all the way through the throwaway sterile lancet. Make sure to put 3 drops (minimum) onto every two paper flaps on the trial DB compilation card. One must cautiously consider that the filter paper soaks the blood more consistently and that the blood spot is spherical and symmetric.

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